It all starts here!

Welcome to “Our Garden Blog and Chat”. I love to garden and I’m very anxious to meet others of like minds.  We can share all aspects of gardening, whether In-ground, Aquaponics or Hydroponics.  We can share the good, bad, from climate zones to nematodes.

My name is Lisa and my gardening journey began with my Dad over 40 years ago.  To some like myself, gardening is a source of joy and contentment.  To others, it is a mystery and something to be avoided.  I invite those of you who enjoy gardening of any type, as much as I do to please join me in helping others learn about gardening.  We all know people who have had poor results and/or experiences through no fault of their own and we know there is a learning curve.  I know a few who have given up and moved-on to plastic flowers.  They get their tomatoes from??

Most are not aware of the basic requirements of gardening in their area or zone.  I have found satisfaction and joy watching their results when mentored by my experience. 

So, I’m asking you to join me in sharing our experiences with each other and those seeking advice.  By promoting both good health through gardening, we can encourage families to teach their children where food comes from.  What’s in it, Organic verses Chemical, Local verses Foreign. 

Please join me, working together we can make a difference in tomorrow! 

Thank You, Best Regards