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Welcome, to Trout River Aquaponics

& “Blueprints for Painless Gardening”

Have you ever wanted to grow your own produce?  Are you missing the farmland that is believed to be needed to cultivate your crops?  You can bring your food production home with ease.  At Trout River Aquaponics, our focus is on helping others by showing how we build our Aquaponics systems.  Our collection of Books are designed to show you how to build your own Aquaponics system.  With our guidance, you will easily create your own system without stressing over any of the details.  Our Books contain detailed DIY Project Blueprints for You and are Great for School Projects. (All sales are final)


Trout River Aquaponics Trout River Aquaponics Trout River Aquaponics

Bringing Organic Food Production Home

Aquaponics combines the art of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Simply stated, this practice allows you to grow fish and plants together in one simple system. What results is a crop of organic produce that delivers the nutrients you need for a healthy life. You can either grow ornamental or edible fish, we grow Tilapia.  Due to the design of our Aquaponics systems the water is constantly being recycled.  The nutrient rich water from the fish provides food for the plants, the cleaned water then cycles back to the fish.  The water is only ‘topped-off’ or replenished due to evaporation or during tank cleaning, even then it is pumped to in-ground shrubs and our citrus trees. In fact, research shows that Aquaponics systems like ours produce larger yields using only 1/10th of the water used to grow the same vegetables in the ground.  You grow your own Organic Vegetables, Fish and Save Water too, How eco friendly is that?