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Our eBooks are a collection of our garden projects each one was Designed, Built and Tested by us and Re-designed, as needed.  Each of the pictures on this website and in our eBooks are of actual garden projects growing in our backyard, year-round. Who are we? We are two Retired Military, Baby Boomers that are Preppers minded in-ground gardeners with bad backs. Having reached a point where the rigor of weeding, hoeing and digging in the dirt comes at a higher price. The thought of not being able to grow our own food prompted a search for an alternative.  We like the idea of raising Organic Vegetables & Tilapia.

After reading about new gardening concepts and watching too many videos of vague expensive systems being sold for ridicules amounts . So, We decided to make an attempt at applying the Aquaponics concept of growing fish and vegetables in our yard. “Nothing big”, she said, just enough to keep our minds quietly entertained and our bodies active, “oh! and with Raised Beds, Please”, she added.  Well, we’ve certainly done all of that. Six years of hands on trial and error research with enough unintended documentation to write and illustrate a total of twelve very complete and informative project specific eBooks to help others.  So, if gardening is getting too hard, we invite you to look at our photo page, raised beds, no dirt.

Trout River Aquaponics

As we all know, there is a lot of material on the web, some applies, but most does not. We did not want to grow enough food to stock a grocery store or feed the neighborhood. Our Goal, like many of you is to provide healthy food for our own consumption. We are often asked why we grow so much, the answer is simple; we enjoy it, we know what is in our food and we are able to preserve food for later.  Our system lets you walk around the raised beds. If a plant is weak, you simply remove it from the pellets and replace it.

Our Garden takes less tending because there are no weeds, unless you put them there. Our garden grows more per square foot because the plants don’t have to compete. The water usage is reduced because it cycles between fish and plants. We built each of these projects from scratch, learning as we went. Friends and neighbors kept telling us, You two should write a book. Well six years later, we wrote that eBook and eleven more to help other gardeners build their own system.  Our garden runs 24/7, no nematodes’. 

Both Lisa and I have extensive educational backgrounds in several genres.  (Lisa; Trained Artist, Architectural Designer/Draftsman, Florida Master Gardener, Both; FAA Air Traffic Controllers, Tom; FAA Master Training Specialist, FAA Technical Writer, Life-time of Photography and Organic Gardening).  Our eBooks are perfect for everyone from School Teaching Projects to Families and Baby Boomers like ourselves.  To enhance our gardening experience, we seed young minds and help them grow.  P. S. Occasional weeding required..  

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